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Safety Engineering Consulting Services

SafeTek offers a range of Safety Consulting services to the manufacturing and process industries:

ANSI & OSHA Compliance

SafeTek can help you bring your equipment into compliance with worldwide standards including ANSI and OSHA in a cost-effective manner.

Safety Audits

A cost-effective and quick way of identifying high priority areas of the plant that need attention. Once high risk areas are identified through this process, we can then perform a more detailed engineering review depending on your specific goal, whether it is as a Pre-Start Health and Safety Review (PSR) or a Risk Assessment.

CE Certification

A CE marking is a mandatory conformity mark for products sold in Europe and the European Economic Area (EEA). Products with CE markings conform to CE regulations and the manufacturer. SafeTek Engineering can assist you with the certifcation process, whether you are exporting your products to Europe or you are just looking to verify your product's quality standard.

FDA Laser Product Reports

SafeTek can assist you in preparing the required documentation when shipping laser products into the United States.Risk Assessments: SafeTek has extensive expertise performing Risk Assessments and we use a highly accurate approach that can ensure that you do not over-engineer or under-engineer your equipment.

Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Assessments

A quantitative approach for determining whether a high-risk process has sufficient safeguards in place, based on the Probability of Failure on Demand (PFD), or if further risk mitigation is required. The guidelines for the determination of SILs are set out ISA 84.01 and IEC 61511 standards. Several methods can be used to calculate the results including LOPA (Layer of Protection Analysis), Risk Graph, and Safety Layer Matrix.

Performance Level (PL) Assessments

A distinct value that specifies the ability of a control system's safety-related parts to perform a safety function. If further risk mitigation is required SafeTek's team of risk engineers can help you design any modifications to achieve compliance.

How does SafeTek help you become PSR compliant?

  • PSR Sign-off - SafeTek's team of professional engineers will inspect your equipment, machinery, or process to determine whether a Pre-start Health and Safety Review (PSR) is required, or if it is eligible for exemption, and then take the steps necessary to sign-off on your equipment.
  • No Disclaimers - Our recommendations are free of disclaimers and provide specific, detailed, and conclusive actions to help you achieve compliance.
  • Comprehensive Reports - SafeTek perform both visual and documentation reviews on each piece of equipment to ensure that they meet quality standard best practices, and our reports include comprehensive hazard analyses to help ensure that your equipment is not over or under-engineered.
  • Multiple Discipline Engineering Team - Our team of engineers specialize in multiple disciplines including Mechanical, Electrical, Structural, Chemical, etc.
  • Quick Response Time - SafeTek will respond to your enquiry and deliver your PSR report quickly and efficiently as a result of the size and experience level of our engineering team.
  • We Help You Pass on Costs to Suppliers - SafeTek can help you pass on the costs of PSR compliance to your suppliers and we will work with them to ensure that your machinery arrives at your facility compliant and ready to operate.
  • MOL Liaison - If you have received an MOL order, SafeTek can act as a liaison with the Ministry of Labour to help keep them at bay while we help you develop an action plan for achieving compliance.
  • Efficient Safety Design - Our engineers are experts at designing safety into your equipment so that it is built right the first time for simple PSR sign-off.
  • Liability Insurance - SafeTek carries both professional and general liability insurance to cover the work that we perform.