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Cost Savings Through Effective Safety Design

SafeTek has worked on hundreds of safety projects in many different industries and one of the most common problems our clients face is a result of improper safety design. Cost overruns and production delays are experienced because the design has been completed without careful consideration of the relevant safety codes and standards. This leads to a series of problems when it is finally time to sign-off on the Pre-Start Health and Safety Review (PHSR).

Often modifications are necessary to achieve safety compliance, and it much more costly to make these changes once the machine has been built. It will also inevitably lead to significant delays in production. When it is possible, we advise our clients to consult a professional safety engineering firm during the design phase to ensure that safety considerations are built into the system correctly the first time. This will allow for an efficient and painless Pre-Start Health & Safety Review (PHSR) sign-off once the equipment is shipped to the plant.

SafeTek Engineering has experience assisting clients with safety circuit design and can work with you and/or your machine builder to ensure that your equipment arrives at your facility ready for a proper Pre-Start Health & Safety Review (PHSR) sign-off. Please contact us for further information or to discuss how we can assist you with your project.